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Advanced photonic devices for imaging and processing of materials (Prometeo 2012)

The integration of systems for measurement and compensation of optical aberrations in real time by implementing adaptive systems of closed control based on spatial light modulators with high performance and low cost as well as diffractive optical elements of specific purpose are the differentiating elements of this project. Moreover, the special properties present in the radiation coming from a femtosecond laser source to our devices confer unique properties on a variety of applications which require a response time-resolved.



In the field of material science, ultrafast interaction between radiation and matter that is achieved with these femtosecond pulses enables marks, ablations and cuts into solid pieces and also sensitizing precise areas in all kinds of materials. As a consequence of the small pulse duration it’s avoided the sensitization of the material, its deformation or heating, in areas not directly irradiated, thereby reaching a higher resolution in the milling process, and writing or lithography with pulsed lasers. Moreover, the femtosecond pulses permit to reach a great peak power which makes high-value tools for the generation of multiphoton processes. Apart from the implications in nonlinear Microscopy, an application of multiphoton excitation by ultrashort pulses is the manufacturing of three dimensional objects of small dimensions by two photon polymerization which occurs in certain types of resins. The design of this research is based on experience and scientific background of the group, to our knowledge, ensures the ability of the research team to carry out the proposed work plan.



External job vacancies

Técnico Superior, especializado en procesamiento de imágenes usando librería gráfica OpenCV. Ubicación del trabajador: Edificio Instituto Universitarios de Investigación Avda. Severo Ochoa, 4 Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía. 29590-Málaga. Fecha límite de presentación de solicitudes: 24/03/2017 Para más información y solicitudes:
El grupo VISILAB de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha en Ciudad Real oferta una plaza de postdoc para 1 año bajo el proyecto Europeo AIDPATH – Marie Curie Action IAPP.  Sería para trabajar en temas de clasificación y procesamiento de imágenes microscópicas. Más detalles en este enlace: link
We are seeking for two exceptional and passionate full-time Ph.D. students to work on two R&D projects jointly supervised by the University of Catania (Sicily, IT) and two involved partners (see all the details below).   The Image Processing Laboratory (IPLab) is part of the department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the