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Aims and Vision

The Institute of New Imaging Technologies is an effective instrument to promote and encourage research activities related to imaging technologies. Our main tasks are the development of research with excellence and quality in order to improve on knowledge, technological innovation and quality of life and competitiveness of enterprises.


The Institute of New Imaging Technologies was created under multidisciplinary vocation in order to cover to a greater or lesser extend every field related to research and development on imaging technologies. In this respect, the INIT covers several scientific and technical fields, some of them directly reflected on the current lines of work of the member groups in the institute, and some other areas that will be covered as the INIT will spand its scope.

Without being an exhaustive list, due to the wide range of fields related to imaging technologies, some disciplines and lines of research the INIT aims to cover are, regarding scientific and technical disciplines:

  • Optics, photonics and electromagnetism.
  • Electronics and solid state.
  • Telecommunications and data transmission.
  • Image digital processing and computer vision.
  • Machine learning, pattern analysis and artificial intelligence.
  • Computing and graphic display.
  • Computer aided design.
  • Graphic design.
  • Sketch-based modeling.
  • Database management and information retrieval.
  • Statistics, calculus, geometry and topology.

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External job vacancies

Técnico Superior, especializado en procesamiento de imágenes usando librería gráfica OpenCV. Ubicación del trabajador: Edificio Instituto Universitarios de Investigación Avda. Severo Ochoa, 4 Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía. 29590-Málaga. Fecha límite de presentación de solicitudes: 24/03/2017 Para más información y solicitudes:
El grupo VISILAB de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha en Ciudad Real oferta una plaza de postdoc para 1 año bajo el proyecto Europeo AIDPATH – Marie Curie Action IAPP.  Sería para trabajar en temas de clasificación y procesamiento de imágenes microscópicas. Más detalles en este enlace: link
We are seeking for two exceptional and passionate full-time Ph.D. students to work on two R&D projects jointly supervised by the University of Catania (Sicily, IT) and two involved partners (see all the details below).   The Image Processing Laboratory (IPLab) is part of the department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the