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Collaboration with Companies
Autoguide Vehicles

Auto-guided vehicles moved by laser for automatic movement of goods. A project of the eVis group in cooperation with the Tecnopamic S.A firm.


Automatic Classification of Fruits in Post-harvest Process Centrals

eVis has developed a Project with the collaboration of the firm Maxfrut S.L. to built a machine for post-harvest process centrals.

Assembly of decorative tiles in ceramic pieces

The eVis-Enginyeria Visual, integrated in the INIT, has made a collaboration with the firms Disinel S.L. and Tecnopamic S.A. developing an automatic assembly of decorative tiles in ceramic pieces using artificial vision and a robotic arm.

Help for the diagnosis and monitoring of the evolution of melanoma (skin) by means of multispectral images

This is a collaboration of the eVis – Enginyeria Visual with the Consorcio Hospitalario Provincial of Castellón for the research and implementation of help tools to the diagnostic of the malignant skin tumors, known as melanomas.

Video surveillance of the quality of drinking water by biological means

It is a collaboration with Aguas de Murcia SA (EMUASA) to develop mechanisms to automatically control the quality of water entering in a water treatment, for human consumption, detecting the possible presence of contaminants using biological indicators (living).


Service Catalogue

The INIT participated in the stand that the Universitat Jaume I has at the Destaca2014 fair ( Destaca2014 Fair is organized by the Chair of Innovation Ceramics "Ciutat de Vila-real"...
El miércoles 26 de noviembre se presentaran los proyectos del INIT relacionados con Smart Cities en la Sala de Rectorado. La presentación de los proyectos de Smart Cities tendrá lugar el...


External job vacancies

Técnico Superior, especializado en procesamiento de imágenes usando librería gráfica OpenCV. Ubicación del trabajador: Edificio Instituto Universitarios de Investigación Avda. Severo Ochoa, 4 Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía. 29590-Málaga. Fecha límite de presentación de solicitudes: 24/03/2017 Para más información y solicitudes:
El grupo VISILAB de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha en Ciudad Real oferta una plaza de postdoc para 1 año bajo el proyecto Europeo AIDPATH – Marie Curie Action IAPP.  Sería para trabajar en temas de clasificación y procesamiento de imágenes microscópicas. Más detalles en este enlace: link
We are seeking for two exceptional and passionate full-time Ph.D. students to work on two R&D projects jointly supervised by the University of Catania (Sicily, IT) and two involved partners (see all the details below).   The Image Processing Laboratory (IPLab) is part of the department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the